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How to Determine the pH of Your Ideal Bottled Water: How To Control Your Bacteriological Load, Eliminate Odor and Taste Badness.

Introduction: What is pH? And Why It Matters in Drinking Water? The pH of a water is a measure of the amount of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) in the water. The higher the pH value, the less acidic it is. The pH of water is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity. […]

Why You Should Switch to Non-Carbonated Spring Water for a Healthier Lifestyle

Drinking water is essential for our health and well-being. Drinking carbonated water can help us to lose weight, but it can also cause a host of health problems. If you want to improve your health, switch to non-carbonated spring water. It has many benefits such as boosting metabolism and reducing the risk of developing cancer. […]

What is Alkaline Water? What are the Different Types of Alkaline Water? How to Choose the Best type of Alkaline Water?

How to Identify Your Ideal pH Level An alkaline bottled water is one that has a pH value of 7.0 or higher. This means that the water has a low amount of calcium and magnesium ions in it. The alkalinity of water can be determined by using a pH meter, or by looking at the […]

Breast Cancer Organizations: A Guide to Understanding and Fighting the Disease

Understanding the disease is a big challenge for many people. It is a complex subject that requires knowledge and experience. The disease itself is not a simple one and it requires patient care, research, education and prevention of its spread. Breast cancer organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to help their members understand the disease […]