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Silver Creek: Breast Cancer Partnerships


Silver Creek Makes A Splash by Supporting Breast Cancer Causes
Breast Cancer Awareness RibbonSilver Creek supports the ongoing mission to fight breast cancer by donating 10% of all profits from the sales of its Natural Spring Water brand to breast cancer research and support organizations. Some of these organizations are Y-ME, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Breast Cancer Fund (TBCF).

The Y-me National Breast Cancer Organization

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Y-me raises money for support and education of cancer patients and survivors. Y-me has chapters all over the country, and has an especially large chapter as well as its headquarters in Chicago. Each year Chicago hosts several fund- and awareness-raising events to benefit the Y-me organization. Silver Creek contributes funds and water to these events, including the Mother’s Day Race and the Annual Fashion Show.

The organization was founded in 1978 by two mastectomy patients, Mimi Kaplan and Ann Marcou, because they felt that the psychosocial needs of women like themselves wre not being met by existing services. Since then, Y-me has become the largest and most comprehensive breast cancer information and support program in the country.

Y-me currently has affiliates in Arizona, California, Connecticut Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Wisconsin.

2002 Y-ME RACE Against Breast Cancer Home Page

2002 Y-ME RACE Against Breast Cancer Sponsors

Silver Creek Bottling 2002 Y-ME RACE Against Breast Cancer Drawing Winners

Y-me National Breast Cancer Organization
212 West Van Buren, Chicago, IL 60607-3905
312.986.8338 / fax 312.294.8597

24-hour hotline:
800.221.2141 (English) / 800.986.9505 (Spanish)


The Susan G. Komen Foundation
The Susan G. Komen Foundation works at the local and national levels to increase support for breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. The Foundation is one of the nation’s largest private funding sources dedicated solely to breast cancer research, retaining more than $300 million since its inception.

The Breast Cancer Fund

The Breast Cancer Fund is the only national, nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to breast cancer research that seeks to address each aspect of the problem. Based in San Francisco, the organization advocates research, education, and patient support. Silver Creek has participated in their mountain climbing events to raise breast cancer awareness and funds.